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Precision DVD Duplication & CD Packaging

Meet the market’s demand for your project with DVD duplication and CD packaging by calling CD-Crafters in Charlottesville, Virginia. We take your music album, multimedia project, film, or other digital presentation and use our high-speed duplicators to make as many copies as you need, and even offer packaging options to make us your one-stop shop.

Duplication & Replication

Our duplication services run with an average order of one to 700 duplicates at a time for our clients. Whether you need CD or DVD format, we can handle your job with skill and precision. We even provide DVD and CD mastering services.
CD DVD Duplication Services

Quality Counts

Quality is just as important as quantity, and we work hard to provide finished pieces that are as rich in sound and vision as they are affordable and easy-to-obtain. We use consumer-grade and higher products including water-shielding and glossy, water-resistant discs and packaging. Our disc-front printing is ripped on high-end inkjet and thermal printers perfect for silver-top CDs. Our CDs are also available in white-top inkjet too, and we can provide copy protection for our clients on all DVD duplication. Full-service, wholesale replication services are also available.

CD & DVD Packaging

In addition to our specialized and personalized CD and DVD duplication, we also offer disc packaging services and fulfillment, which includes paper sleeves, slim-line jewel cases in black, clear, or frosted. Our transparent cases are stronger than most out there, and resist breakage, and we can also provide additional packaging at your request. 
Contact CD-Crafters in Charlottesville, Virginia, for the best quality and prices available for your DVD and CD duplication needs.
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